The Alt Presidency


A year ago, I wondered: Would the Republican base vote for any white male cloaked in a navy suit and red tie? Like, how bad would that guy have to be before the base would throw up their hands and exclaim, “Okay, I’m out. Too much.”

A year ago, did Americans think that Steve Bannon (the Alt Right*) would have this much power? That the Copper-Topped Sapindale would Tweet insane rhetoric 24 hours per day? That the Sapindale would marginalize (and even frighten) our allies? That the Sapindale would commence a missile showdown with the psychopathic dictator in North Korea? That the Sapindale would embolden the KKK and neo-Nazis into daylight, bringing their weapons to “marches” in city centers, trying to make America white again?

*The Alternative Right tag was coined by Richard Spencer (made famous by Steve Bannon and Breitbart News) and stands for white supremacy through “peaceful ethnic cleansing.” Huh?

For those of us Americans who stridently reject the KKK and neo-Nazis, did we think that Bannon and Conway would label us as the “Alt Left,” a heretofore unknown movement? (What would the Alt Left stand for? Inclusivity through domestic tranquility? If so, count me in.) The newly named Alt Left is even a bizarre label for Bannon and Conway to slap on normal people, and they’ll say anything. Maybe that’s why Bannon was shown the “alt door” to the White House. Unfortunately, Conway remains the Alt Blonde at the Copper Top’s side.

Back to one year ago. I mused about the concept of an evil candidate, letting my imagination run with it, and landed on the concept of Satan. If Satan wore a navy suit and red tie, would the Republican base vote him into the Presidency?

To explore this proposition, I wrote a novel—filled with symbolism and satire—about Satan running for President. The name of the book is Australia’s Starr. The Kindle download (and other eBooks) are currently on sale for .99 cents (U.S.). Click to Amazon.

Australia’s Starr is a depraved story about manipulation and mysticism, but then, I’m chronicling Satan, so you should expect that. Remember, it’s fiction, not a journalistic account—or even a prediction. Do I think the Copper-Topped Sapindale is Satan? Of course not. Satan is smarter.

Here’s the story description for Australia’s Starr:

JerJer is anxious to dominate humanity and prove that his philosophy of natural order is superior. Educated at the finest universities, JerJer launches an insidious campaign for President of the United States. His agenda appeals to Americans’ weaknesses, as he leverages the animalistic wrath and hubris of his constituency.

In Western Australia, a girl is born into tumultuous circumstances at Margaret River Winery. Raised by her father and an aborigine caretaker, Starr strives to live a normal life, riding her loyal appaloosa, tending to her vineyards and tasting romance with a steadfast Australian man. As her supernatural talents intensify, however, messages from the aborigine Spirit Realm and God combine to animate constellations, depicting the prophecy that was spoken to Starr’s father on the night of her birth.

Starr is swept up in the penultimate battle between good and evil, fighting a primordial adversary with her meager resources—or so she believes. She struggles to come to terms with her destiny, wondering if she can save humanity for the love of higher powers, family, and her beloved Australia.

In AUSTRALIA’S STARR, Venice incorporates symbolism that will resonate with readers, lingering long after they finish the story. Venice’s mystical world brilliantly intersects with politics, exploring the depravity of power against human compassion and love. A story of hope and heroism, AUSTRALIA’S STARR promises to entertain.


Australias Starr

Hope you enjoy this satirical contemporary fantasy. Click here to go to Amazon.

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