I decided to add a new category to my routine blog posts. If you send me a poem, I will post it on my #PoetrySlam! day. This is a chance for you to showcase your writing (either anonymously or by name) to all two of my friends who read my blog! Just kidding. All three of my friends.

To kick off the new category, we are debuting the work of our family friend, Josie Barstad. Given the maturity and depth of her below poems, you’ll be surprised to learn that Josie is in 8th grade this year, on her way to high school in Fall 2018! My favorite line below is: “The pain builds you stronger.”  True. Insightful. And rewarding to learn at a young age.

Let’s give it up for Josie and her two poems, Anxiety and This is it.


An everlasting pit in your stomach

A mind that never quits

Red eyes

Permanent scars

Constant worrying

Always asking if your good enough

Or funny enough

Or strong enough

Or pretty enough


It tears you apart

From the inside

So you don’t even recognize yourself


Anxiety is a powerful thing

It controls you with fear

It destroys you with worry

Eats at your insecurities

Until you are consumed


But the biggest moment of peace is when you can say

“That is a thing of my past;

I am over that”

It builds you stronger

Changes you

And makes you wonder why you were so worried in the first place


Trivial as it seems

The pain builds you stronger

The hurt makes you kinder

Anxiety is a battle

I am a victor


This is it

Yelling and chanting of the crowd

Popcorn filling the air

Squelching and screeching of shoes

And determination that would never quit

Knowing that this is it

This defines you

This is who you are


Taking deep breaths

To calm your racing nerves

Putting your skills to the test

The ultimate moment that

Ten years of practices, camps, and games

Will decide


Knowing that you must play the best you’ve ever played

Be the greatest you can be

Be amazing

Be flawless

Be you

Knowing that you gave it all you have


Playing till the final buzzer sounds

Leaving with your heart on the floor

And your legs as noodles


The seconds countdown

Till it reaches zero

Tears stream down

It’s over

It’s done


Thank you, Josie! Looking forward to watching Josie create more poetry in the future between baking and frosting cakes!

If you’d like your poetry posted, email me on the contact page.



8 thoughts

  1. Great job! So true once you acknowledge what you are up against : anxiety, worry, fear, whatever
    You can tackle your battles with help from God.
    Peace and light abounding

    Liked by 1 person

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