Tinted Chapstick, The San Francisco Mystery Series, Book 4


Book Release Day! I’m so proud of Tinted Chapstick. It’s a tender and suspenseful romance nestled in The San Francisco Mystery Series. I feel like I really got to know Dr. Jen Dawson as a loving mother, caring physician, co-parent with Tommy, and passionate woman. I have so much respect for her in all of her roles, but especially for the way she handles herself in sticky situations.

Here’s the Story Description. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it.

Temporarily living with Detective Tommy Vietti, Dr. Jen Dawson is frustrated with her love life. She’s interested in someone at the CrossFit box, but wonders why she keeps thinking about her ex-lover, District Attorney Amanda Hawthorne, while cultivating a relationship with the CrossFit goddess.

As Jen works through her conflicted feelings, she also must manage the expectations of her irritated boss—Dr. Melissa Cohen—and the daily drama served up by angry patients, wild animals and confidential information made public at the Cohen Clinic.

Even worse, Jen is asked by Amanda’s campaign manager to defend Amanda after her HEA—hellish ending to an affair—with Roxy. Jen will be damned before she’ll turn into the abused political wife, standing by “her woman” after Amanda fooled around on her. Yet, with just a short TV interview, Jen could clear up a mischaracterization of Amanda….

And, why won’t Roxy MacNeil, the Scottish MI-6 agent, leave San Francisco? Why must she continue working at the Hall of Justice, so close to Amanda?

To make matters worse, Tommy expresses his true feelings to Jen late one night, upsetting the emotional equilibrium in their co-parenting relationship.

Jen has been patient with Tommy, Amanda and Roxy’s dangerous jobs—and the way they bleed into her clinic and home life—but when all hell breaks loose, she’s forced to make some tough choices.

Tinted Chapstick - final - 2-12-18

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