Due to much success last month, I’m continuing to feature poetry on my blog. Thank you for enthusiastically embracing it. Remember, if you send me a poem, I will happily post it on my #PoetrySlam! day. I can’t wait to share what you’ve written with our many friends, near and far.

This month, we’re featuring a poem by Todd Wright. Todd has written over 200 poems from the heart, and when he shared this one with me, I knew I had to post it. In the last seven years, the muses have spoken volumes to Todd about love, loss, rebirth, joy and the simple moments in life. In his recent poem, Goodbye/Hello, Todd explores the love of a friend who is battling a terminal illness, and the belief that goodbye and hello are two sides of the same coin. Todd’s poem captures our hearts and minds as we contemplate reuniting with friends and family in afterlife.


Spoken or silently shared,

presaging a prompt departing

with someone who truly cared-

cared enough to say goodbye.

I don’t want to say goodbye.

I want to say hello.

Kisses and hugs

words and glances,

I’ll miss you,

but what are the chances

we shall meet again?

Tomorrow or the end of time,

together though apart,

our souls connected in a rhyme,

goodbye is just the start.

I don’t want to say goodbye.

Just let me say hello.

Please hug me, and hold me near,

tell those thoughts I yearn to hear,

how you walked and danced with God

with Mercy and without fear.

Oh, please whisper those secrets

into my ear.

As we hug and say goodbye

I silently say hello.

Life’s melody

sings like a memory

those thoughts we keep or share.

How will time tell our story

as those last days come to bear?

Passed on from soul to living being

an eternity that will not die.

I hold you close.

I must be dreaming.

I don’t want to say goodbye.

I will say hello.

Born from that eternal hope

to graze on greener meadows.

Our future becoming one,

entwining us with shadows.

And still, I won’t say goodbye.

Please, let me say hello.

Bittersweet those goodbyes.

Hello, Hello, Hello.


By Todd Wright

March 28, 2018


Thank you, Todd, for this moving and inspirational poem. Keep writing! Much love, Alexi.

3 thoughts

  1. Lovely words! Thank you to Todd for sharing and you for knowing how touching this poem would be as we think of those we lost or are losing to our everyday!

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  2. Here’s a poem written by someone that faced daily pain and made a life changing decision to have major surgeries for lifelong health improvements.
    “I’ve Been Changed”
    Apple orchard visits
    Country Jam Little Big Town
    Dancing with granddaughters
    Farmer’s Market
    Inches lost & inspiration to others
    Jogging (NOT)
    Kinetic energy increase in motion
    Losing weight
    Moving freely
    New clothes
    Ortho Doc Rocks!
    Planting flower garden
    Quick – no waddling!
    Referral for others to “get ‘er done”
    Sunday school teaching again
    Travel (except those darn body scanners get me every time)
    U fill in this one
    Vascular blood flow increase
    Walkathons for good cause
    Xcellent outcome

    We all have to make major decisions in our lives. Sometimes they don’t turn out so good but on the other hand making a life changing decision to have hip replacement surgeries totally changed life!

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