By Alexi Venice–

Steady the mind. Steady the breath. Solve the murder.

Sativa Strain, The San Francisco Mystery Series, Book 5, is now available Amazon Kindle here. Other retailers to follow.

Sativa Strain: A legal thriller/crime drama that tests the bonds of love and loyalty among District Attorney Amanda Hawthorne, Dr. Jen Dawson and Detective Tommy Vietti.

In Sativa Strain, Amanda carries with her the quiet confidence of a yogi, the unrelenting burden of a prosecutor, and the demons that torture the corners of her soul.

Newly re-elected as San Francisco’s DA, Amanda faces her biggest internal and external foes yet when she and Detective Tommy Vietti investigate a high-profile murder implicating Kara Montiago, the CEO of a Silicon Valley tech company and candidate for President of the United States.

Sleep evades Amanda as she obsesses over the specter of a respected colleague’s involvement in the toxic murder scheme. Navigating the shoals of SFPD corruption, Tommy and Amanda learn that Kara Montiago is a philandering, Sativa-smoking dominatrix who preys on male subordinates at her company.

Amanda is especially vulnerable during her outpatient drug rehab therapy, fighting urges that tempt her day and night. Battling her desire to control everything around her, Amanda rekindles her relationship with Dr. Jen Dawson, the love of her life, testing the boundaries of Jen’s patience.

“If you can imagine Shonda Rhimes (GREY’S ANATOMY, SCANDAL) writing a White Lesbian cop drama, then you’ve pretty much got the tone of this entry in the San Francisco Mystery Series by Alexi Venice. It’s got grue, cop work, interagency pissing matches, North Korean Villainy (because what’s a cop drama without The Fiendish Whiff of Fu Manchu?), sex scenes, violence, and as much Soap Opera as a typical Shondaland Production…like the Shonda Rhimes shows I mentioned above, the story’s ridiculously addictive, the characters engaging enough that you hope for the best and expect the worst, and it’s certainly never dull.” Bookbub – D Binder for Stabscotch (April 2018)

All four books are 5 Star!  If you love women and you love San Francisco, there is absolutely nothing better than this series. Some of the best writing available to LGBTQ readers, this story really does have it all – mystery, action, narrative, rhythm, characters you love and hate, and GREAT sex scenes. This writer very accurately describes the intense emotions and inner thoughts of two women in love. Amazon 5 stars – PJC for Tinted Chapstick (May 23, 2018)

Sativa Strain - 8-31-19


Sativa Strain, The San Francisco Mystery Series, Book 5, is now available through your favorite online bookseller. Amazon Kindle here.

Check out more about Alexi Venice at:

Alexi Venice on Goodreads

Alexi Venice on Amazon


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  1. So when do I get to buy it in a book form???? I love your cover and can’t wait to read it…. too bad they are such a quick read , then have to wait for the next one!!! Totally worth the wait however 🙂

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