My Books are Now on Kindle Unlimited!

Hello Book Lovers-

Just a few quick updates regarding The San Francisco Mystery Series and The Monica Spade Series.

  • We are now offering both series on Kindle Unlimited, so if you subscribe to KU, you are in luck, and can catch up on the entire collection before the release of Book #6 in The SFMS.
  • The KU link for The San Francisco Mystery Series:

box set - sativa strain 300x250

Check out the new cover for Sativa Strain, which is a book about HIGH CRIMES AND SEXDEMEANORS.

The KU link for The Monica Spade Series:

CB ad (2)

Sales and reviews of Conscious Bias have been strong all summer. (Over 70 reviews on Goodreads and still counting.) Thank you for taking the time to post a review. I’m very grateful, as it reassures new, sometimes uncertain, readers to take a chance on my work.


In other news, here is a BIG REVEAL: Book #6 in The San Francisco Mystery Series is entitled……..wait for it….….#SandyBottom. The book cover and story description are below. We are hoping for an October release!


From Bestselling Author Alexi Venice—enjoy as a standalone romance or as a continuation in The SFMS—

Past transgressions haunt District Attorney Amanda Hawthorne’s recently-repaired relationship with Dr. Jen Dawson.

Furious at Amanda, and acting impetuously, Jen leaves on a vacation with her daughter, Kristin, and her ex-lover, Detective Tommy Vietti. While on vacation, Jen makes one questionable decision after another until she’s afraid to confront the woman in the mirror.

Amanda, heartbroken and fighting her addictions, turns to dark music, loyal friends and the California beach. Will she be able to resist her go-to mix of vices and lovers? Searching in vain to find herself, Amanda wrestles with the discovery that the better half of her soul resides eternally in Jen. Torn between her base instincts and love, Amanda must act quickly for her emotional health and the salvation of her unique bond with Jen. Meanwhile, after selflessly solving heinous crimes in the gritty city, she faces enemies at work who believe they’ve gained the upper hand to defeat her once and for all.

Tommy, steadfast and true to Jen and Kristin, nurses his bullet wound with Jen’s family in Wisconsin. Can he influence Jen to make the right decision?

Warning: Contains some pink kink


Thank you all for your continued interest and support. Feel free to reach out with questions.

Happy reading,

Alexi Venice


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