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Conscious Bias 2-23-19


Over 100 reviews on Goodreads

“…An impeccably well-written legal drama with a slow burn romance front and center. Look for a surprise twist at the end of this book, too!” Goodreads 5 stars – Gayle

“I am very happy to have Monica Spade as a new series.” Goodreads 5 stars – Karen

“I loved the book, characters, and plot. I didn’t want to put the book down. I especially liked the way the relationship grew between Monica and Shelby.” Goodreads 5 stars – S

“What a great read! Not the usual one note romance. It had many stories going on simultaneously. There is a murder, a trial, bigotry, coming out, hot romance, friendship, etc. And there is humor to break things up. I was thoroughly captivated and entertained. This is the first book I have read by Alexi Venice and if this story is an example of her writing, I will soon start her San Francisco mystery series.” Goodreads 5 stars – Cheryl

“Excellent story very good writer looking forward to reading other books by this author. Hopefully this story will continue.” Goodreads 5 stars – Rolande

“Slow-burn F/F romance with some courtroom drama thrown in. Venice did a great job of capturing being a lesbian or gay in the Mid-West, having grown up there myself.” Goodreads – Linds

“This was a fast moving book who’s characters had a lot of personality and steamy moments. Monica is an attorney trying to work towards partner and adores her actual boss but despises the other partner and his son. This book looks at hate crimes for gender, sexual orientation and color. It was a true joy to read.” Goodreads  – Heather

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Over 350 Reviews for THE SAN FRANCISCO MYSTERY SERIES on Goodreads-

“This is a wild ride through the investigation and litigation of Natasha’s death, and I have found that Alexi Venice’s books get their hooks into you and they don’t let go. This is the first of a series of (so far) five books. I have read this one, the second one and am half finished with the third one at this moment. I don’t usually get too involved with series, but this is such a good story that I can’t wait to get to the rest of the books!” Goodreads – 5 stars – Gayle

“This book (heck, the whole series) is FANTASTIC! Rarely do books get into my thoughts like these did – I would think about them during the day at work. The two main characters, Amanda & Jen, are people I wish were my real friends (maybe I need to get out more?) Anyhow, the books are so good & I cannot recommend them highly enough. As Venice writes, she occasionally throws in thoughts that the characters have in their minds which I really liked. It was one of the ways that made the characters so real to me. The story line is great, the writing is great, my only complaint is that there aren’t more books to the series! More! More! More Venice! :)” Goodreads – 5 stars – Nacho Mouse

“A great mystery that builds up the main characters while keeping you reading to the next page looking for clues about who is the killer! The unexpected romance and sex you just won’t find in most mystery novels.” Goodreads – 5 stars – Zanz

“As characters Tommy and Amanda worked to solve a murder, there were many intriguing twists and turns, and then there was romance; unexpected, steamy romance. This book was an intense story that will easily draw readers into the passion and emotion of each character.” Goodreads – 5 stars – RJK

“Awesome characters with exciting twists and romance. Enjoyed it very much.” Goodreads – 5 stars – Janelle

“I enjoyed reading this story and getting to know the characters. Sometimes you just get knocked on the head with attraction and you can’t fight it. I thought the attraction was well written.” Goodreads – 5 stars – Heather

“OMG! Another epic crime series to add to my favorites. Next to J.M. Redmann’s Mickey Knight (3 books in at this moment) and Max Ellendale’s Four Point series (2 books in so far), I am now totally hooked on Alexi Venice’s San Francisco Mystery series.

Holy cow, Bourbon Chase was an epic start. If you are tempted to start reading this as well, you might as well commit to buy the whole set because it ends on a to be continued and you really want to read on after that, believe me.

Alexi Venice writes a solid murder/mystery with a tight plot and a juicy romance on the side. Boy, do things get intense! We alternate between the pov of District Attorney Amanda Hawthorne, emergency room physician Jen Dawson and her boyfriend, detective Tommy Vietti.

I love the combination of legal (Amanda), police procedure (Tommy) and medical (Jen). All done perfectly (the author has a legal background and she has really done her homework on the other two parts). All characters are well formed and get an equal amount of the spot light. You can tell this author has another successful series under her belt already. She’s the real deal!

The impossible love triangle is handled with integrity from the part of Amanda and Jen. Amanda has worked with Tommy for over 10 years and Jen has been his girlfriend for 3 years. Tommy even proposed to Jen (which she turned down) and has no clue his heart is going to be broken. Both women care for Tommy and don’t want to hurt him but their growing mutual attraction is bigger and cannot be denied.

f/f hot and heavy and very sensual but not a blow by blow account

Themes: San Fran, a murdered colleague, I thought I was straight but who am I kidding, a toaster oven for the DA, I feel bad for Tommy but at the same time I am cheering for Amanda and Jen.” Goodreads – 5 stars – Corrie

Amanda's Dragonfly Book Cover

“A truly compelling book! No need to have extra caffeine to stay awake til the wee hours of the morning when reading this book! Amanda’s Dragonfly is solid suspense and passion; I had a hard time putting it down.” 5 Stars, Goodreads – RJK

“This was a really great follow-up to the first book. I really enjoyed reading it and I loved what happened to Nick!” 5 Stars, Goodreads – Heather

Stabscotch - new ebook cover

These characters, Jen, Amanda, Tommy and all the rest will grow on you and you will want to immediately read the next installment of this series!
This installment was outstanding! There were a few new characters so as to introduce a new case. This case involves a young Korean woman, Jina Pak a Federal Reserve Bank employee found dead on the beach after a gathering of work friends. Digging into her life, Det. Tommy Vietta discovers that still waters run deep and Jina’s demure exterior disguises a darker life.
Enter Roxy MacNeil from Scotland. Roxy says she works for the Federal Reserve as an investigator of banking fraud, but the events and people that surround her belie her real reason for being in San Francisco. Roxy is dangerous in a whole lot more ways than one. No one really needs a Roxy MacNeil in their lives.
The upstanding DA Amanda Hawthorne makes some terrible choices, and I’ll leave it at that. You’ll want to know what happens next. I want to know what happens next!
Also, if you don’t know (I didn’t) what “Stabscotch” means, you’ll learn.” Goodreads – 5 stars – Gayle

If you love women and you love San Francisco, there is absolutely nothing better than this series. Some of the best writing available to LGBTQ readers, this story really does have it all – mystery, action, narrative, rhythm, characters you love and hate, and GREAT sex scenes. This writer very accurately describes the intense emotions and inner thoughts of two women in love. Amazon – 5 stars – PJC about Tinted Chapstick, The San Francisco Mystery Series, Book 4

“Enjoyed it immensely.”  Goodreads – 5 stars – Garrett A

“Alexi Venice did it again, she’s left me with an ending that makes me want more! Love getting lost in these characters and I love that each book is from a different point of view.” Goodreads – 5 stars – Ashlee

“From the first page to the very last page this series was filled with a few strong, well developed supporting characters along with the leads from the previous two series who were all engaged in some pretty intense, intriguing plot twists and pulsating action.” Goodreads – Diane

“I can imagine this book series as an Amazon original streaming video series. Would love to binge watch that series!” Amazon – 5 stars – Tom

“Great read…. keeps you guessing from beginning to end…Love the trio of characters!!!” Goodreads – 5 stars – Karen

Tinted Chapstick - final - 2-12-18

I love the SF Mystery Series! These characters have great depth and seem like REAL people with real and extraordinary problems. I love the strength that Dr. Jen shows in this book and I think we are only scratching the surface of Amanda’s, would it be ego or maybe dysfunction? Add to all this the love triangle with foxy Roxy. Crime – passion – loyalty – desires. Goodreads – 5 stars – Zanz

I did not realize this was book 4 so obviously you can read it as a standalone. I am going to find the rest. What an intense book. I loved the connection between Jen and Amanda. When it is meant to be it just is. Goodreads – 5 stars – Joann

On to book 5 in this series, plenty of action and Jen finds her way back to Amanda for now.  Goodreads – 5 stars – Stephanie

Great series keeps you wanted more, can’t wait for next book. Goodreads – 5 stars – Anne

Sativa Strain - 8-31-19

Kara Montiago isn’t a very nice person, but that hasn’t stopped other not nice people from running for office. She simply figures that she can cover the tracks of her affairs, and then cover the crimes she feels she needs to commit to cover those tracks. It sounds complicated, but Alexi Venice draws it all in a linear fashion that makes it all clear. With her attorney mind and her flawless writing style, this book will keep you awake far longer into the night than you intended, and you will thank her for it.  Goodreads 5 Stars – Gayle

I loved all these books. They were great. I wonder if another is in the works. I am all in. Great book and author. Goodreads 5 Stars – Joann

Another addictive installment from Alexi Venice! This book really gets you to wonder how many addictions DA Amanda has, and which ones are going to finally be her true undoing, or will the love of Dr. Jen help her overcome her demons. I love how the plot twists around the driven Kara Montiago and her past with Detective Tommy Vietti’s cousin. It kept me guessing until the end!
The layers of relationships in the San Francisco Mystery Series’ main and supporting cast really brings a depth that most other series never seem to try to capture. I also love how Alexi brings alive the SF neighborhoods that are core to Dr. Jen, Amanda and Tommy’s personalities.

P.S. I think Amanda and Dr. Jen are loving their reunion!! Goodreads 5 Stars – Zanz