Interview in ManyBooks

Hi Friends,

In these tough times, we need a little entertainment in the evening to take our minds off  the grim facts of the pandemic. A girl cannot, and should not, watch the news all day. Get what you need, then get out, like going to the grocery store.

For reading entertainment, you might be interested in ManyBooks, a discount book website. The kind folks there did an author interview of me this week about my novel Conscious Bias, which caught their eye on Amazon. You can read the entire interview at this link, which will bring you to their website.

Again, the ManyBooks website link here.

I’m pretty busy at work lately with COVID-19 pandemic issues, but I will try to continue my third round of editing Standby Counsel, A Monica Spade Novel. I’m hopeful for a release in May, but that depends on a lot of variables over which we have no control, sadly enough. I’m so grateful to health care workers (from physicians to housekeepers) for putting their own health at risk to take care of patients. True heroes.

Returning to entertainment, here’s a sneak peek at the cover with the story description below:

Standby Counsel 2020 ebook

Story Description:  Monica Spade insists she isn’t a trial attorney, much less a criminal defense attorney. Despite her misgivings, Judge O’Brien orders Monica to serve as standby counsel for a young woman accused of repeatedly stabbing her boyfriend to death. Unfamiliar with the role of standby counsel, Monica reluctantly agrees to the assignment, then faces deadly and mysterious forces coming at her—a demure Romanian woman who is as menacing as she is capable, a Ukrainian thug who will stop at nothing to get what he wants, and disingenuous FBI agents who want something that Monica refuses to deliver. Threats are spoken, and Monica is desperate to keep her girlfriend, Shelby St. Claire, out of harm’s way, while Monica pursues the evasive truth in the courtroom.

As always, thank you for your continued support, and may your sheltering be peaceful and healthy. Burying your nose in a book can be a good way to get away from the fellow sheltering clan…not that I would do that.

Again, the ManyBooks website link here.

Stay safe and happy reading,


Alexi on Amazon



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