#1 New Release!

Hey Summer Readers,

Check out the Australian Kindle cover for Hawaiian Paradise Surprise! I love the colors and clean lines for a beach read that might be a little dirty…

Have you downloaded Hawaiian Paradise Surprise yet? Here’s the Amazon link:


American Author Jill Cabott is in the prime of her career when she’s tragically widowed at the young age of 43. Jill is pressured by her agent and publisher to finish writing her latest crime thriller, but she can’t summon the creativity needed for her usual knockout-punch ending.

She spends the holidays in Hawaii with Lindsay and Logan, her college-aged children, then sees them off to school while she remains at the condo to finish her book.

While swimming one day, Jill meets Nash Denning, a local surfing legend. From the privacy of her lanai, Jill ogles him carrying his surfboard to and from the beach in his daily uniform of board shorts slung low over his hips. When Nash invites Jill to hang out with him and his surfing brahs, their Hawaiian bonhomie sparks her inner rebellion.

During an awkward encounter one day, Jill also meets Benjamin Warner, an avid cyclist, artist, and accomplished businessman. When Jill helps Ben find something he’s misplaced, she ends up talking to him over lunch then touring his art studio. He gives her a watercolor that touches her on a deeper level than she’d like to admit.

Torn between the scruffy, cool Nash and the eccentric, unpredictable Ben, Jill rediscovers steamy romance and reignites her writing mojo.

Again, here’s the link to Amazon.

Thanks for your support and readership!

Alexi Venice

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