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Dear Readers,
Lady Hawthorne is LIVE on Amazon today! Order and download for immediate reading entertainment. I’m super proud of this action-packed spy thriller with covert ops, adventure, surprising twists, and sexpionage.

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Story description for this #1 New Release on Amazon.

√ Spy thriller

* A love triangle

√ Covert operations

* Forced proximity

√ Sexpionage

* A kiss of fantasy

√ Steamy sapphic romance

* Scottish folklore

√ Medical mayhem


√ Part of a thriller series but can be read as a standalone

Amanda Hawthorne, Dr. Jen Dawson, and Detective Tommy Vietti volunteer to help in the aftermath of a terrorist attack in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Dr. Jen treats victims in the hospital, including someone once very special to her, but makes a new friend in Nurse Denni Russo.

While on a dark ops mission, Amanda summons her inner strength to avoid falling into old habits as she learns earth-shattering revelations about her Scottish ancestry.

Tommy feels like he’s walking on shifting sands as he transitions from a city detective to an international agent, relying on his gut instincts, drinking abilities, and shooting skills.

Roxy performs a highwire balancing act by revealing something life-changing to Amanda while deftly training Tommy and Amanda to operate in her clandestine world.

Roxy, Tommy, and Amanda might be outgunned and outnumbered on foreign soil, but they’ll never be outsmarted as they attempt to save humanity.

Purchase on Amazon Here

Here’s a sampling of the initial reviews. Totally overwhelmed by the kind words.

★★★★★ “Recommended for spy thriller fans looking for some spice, and for avid lesfic fans looking for high-stakes intrigue.” 12-18-22

★★★★★ “The Scottish folklore, the espionage, the bioterrorism and medical mayhem—it’s all quite riveting. It makes for great storytelling and fast-paced reading.” Women Using Words at 12-16-22

★★★★★ “This is a wild international ride of intrigue and some special magic from a unique Scottish Loch! This is the kind of story that, while you’re reading it, you think, ‘This could happen, couldn’t it? Or could it?’” 5 Stars Goodreads 12-24-22

★★★★★ “It just took me a little under 1 hour to read it….it was that good!” Amazon Reviewer 12-26-22

Thank you for your support and happy holiday reading!
Alexi Venice

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