New Release – Suspenseful Legal Thriller with LGBTQ Leads

Dear Friends,

I’m so excited to announce the release of Standby Counsel, A Monica Spade Novel. (If you live in the Chippewa Valley, you might recognize a few landmarks in this suspenseful legal thriller😊)

Order your copy today. Free on Kindle Unlimited or $4.99 on Amazon. Paperback available on Amazon too.

A full-length STANDALONE legal thriller with LGBTQ leads. No need to have read the first Monica Spade book. Jump in now!

The Monica Spade Series on Amazon

Standby Counsel ebook 8-10-20

To order Standby Counsel, click here.

Story Description: Monica Spade insists she isn’t a trial lawyer, much less one who represents dangerous criminals. Despite her protests, the powerful Judge O’Brien orders Monica to serve as standby counsel for a young woman accused of repeatedly stabbing her boyfriend.

Setting aside the day-to-day operations of her new law firm, Monica drags herself to the jail to meet her new client, Stela Reiter. A demure Romanian, Stela looks more like a meek librarian than a person capable of overpowering and stabbing a young man to death. As Monica digs into the facts of the case, she uncovers sexual innuendo and layers of international intrigue. Soon, deadly forces come after her in the form of a Ukrainian thug who will stop at nothing to get what he wants and two suspicious federal agents all too willing to put the squeeze on her.

Stuck between an unrelenting judge and a killer in a pink cardigan, Monica pursues the truth in court while fighting to keep her new girlfriend, Shelby St. Claire, out of harm’s way.

Set in in the dead of winter in surprisingly progressive Apple Grove, Wisconsin, Standby Counsel will keep readers’ hearts racing.


To order Standby Counsel, click here.

Early Blogger and Goodreads Reviews:

“This is one action-packed, keeps you guessing, can’t put it down, legal thriller! Alexi Venice knows how to write engaging and complex courtroom dramas. Standby Counsel is an exceptional tale of crime, drama and romance. Venice leaves her readers captivated till the very end!” -5 Stars-Goodreads-The Lesbian Book Blog

The writing and pacing is excellent…Characterisation-wise, Stela is a triumph. The way she is described, she evokes a range of emotions. She is variously demure, timid, calculating, mysterious, intimidating – a victim and a criminal. We found ourselves flipping between wanting Stela to be innocent and shocked at new reveals about her. In fact, without particularly trying to give them centre stage, Venice manages to write strong interpersonal relationships between partners (not just Shelby and Monica, but all partners), friends, colleagues and even acquaintances. She gives the people and relationships depth, dimension and flavour.” – Best Lesfic Reviews

This novel would make a very exciting movie. If you like courtroom drama, you’re in for a treat. Stela is incredibly intriguing, smart and wicked. Acknowledging from the start than she is the killer allows the story to focus on why the stabbing occurred, and the trial is full of twists and dramatic turns of events.” Goodreads Reviewer

“I love a good courtroom drama, but this is a great courtroom drama! In fact, there is some intense drama outside the courtroom that will keep you involved and wanting to know what happens next, too.” 5 Stars Goodreads Reviewer

“Read this book – I believe you will be very happy you did. And by the end of this book, I think you’ll be very attached to Monica Spade!!” 5 Stars Goodreads Reviewer


I hope you enjoy this suspenseful legal thriller. Happy reading and take care,

Alexi Venice

The Monica Spade Series on Amazon

Alexi Venice on Goodreads


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