New Book Release!

The award-winning Monica Spade Trilogy is out and proud!

Dear Friends,

All three Monica Spade books are now available on Amazon (in Kindle Unlimited, regular Kindle and paperback).

The Amazon link for the trilogy is here:

If you haven’t started this series, click here to receive a free download of Conscious Bias, Book #1.

Standby Counsel, Book #2 recently won the 2020 Lesfic Bard Award in the Mystery category! Hurray! I submitted Standby Counsel to these awards because they use a system where the judges don’t know the name of the author or book, so the book is judged on only its merits, not the author’s reputation. I’m so happy that Standby Counsel was well-received!

If you haven’t checked it out, you can order your copy of Standby Counsel here.

I’m also excited to announce the release of the third book of the Monica Spade Trilogy—Graffiti Red Murder. This is a full-length STANDALONE crime thriller with LGBTQ leads that is a #1 New Release on Amazon.

No need to have read the first two Monica Spade books. You can test the waters to see if you like Monica Spade with Graffiti Red Murder. Free on Kindle Unlimited and $3.99 to buy right now. Click here for Graffiti Red Murder.

Story Description and initial reviews:

A full-length STANDALONE crime thriller from award-winning author Alexi Venice.

Recharged from a romantic spring break, Attorney Monica Spade is hired to represent a plastic surgeon whose patients are being murdered and spray-painted with a sinister message.

An impending deadline forces Monica to take matters into her own hands, so she dives into the serial murder case, dissecting clues from surgeries, chasing down leads from smarmy nightclubs, and drawing criticism from the police for interfering.

In her personal life, Monica discovers her fiancée, Shelby St. Claire, hanging out with a former flame, Coco Rivelli, the yogi sensation. Can Monica keep a lid on her hot temper when provoked by Coco?

Fighting for life and love during a pandemic, Monica transforms her legal practice into an action-packed, killer ride through the lake country north of Apple Grove, Wisconsin.

★★★★★ “A highly original LGBTQ+ crime thriller with eye-popping doses of murder, mystery and romance.”

★★★★★ “This is one heart-thumping, page-turning suspense thriller no dramatic crime mystery enthusiast will want to miss. Make room on your shelf for this one. The Monica Spade novels are one exciting series; I can’t get enough!” The Lesbian Book Blog

★★★★★ “In Venice’s capable hands, readers can say goodbye to predictable tropes about the personal lives of main characters. Instead, Venice delivers an authentic challenge of two people in love, living together for the first time while learning to cope with the world changing around them. The chemistry between Monica and Shelby is off the charts, and the added friction explodes with intense sex scenes. Venice pours fuel on the already raging fire with a subplot involving jealousy over an ex-lover, testing Monica’s patience under life-threatening circumstances. The resolution will surprise and satisfy. Highly recommend.”


To order Graffiti Red Murder at only $3.99 click here.

To see the full review of Graffiti Red Murder, click here.

I hope you enjoy this suspenseful crime thriller. Happy reading and take care,

Alexi Venice

The Monica Spade Series on Amazon

Alexi Venice on Goodreads

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